Newport Beach Engagement : Rochelle + Mason


Last weekend, Katy and I got to spend the day with Rochelle and Mason down in beautiful Newport Beach for their engagement session. Let me tell you, Newport is undoubtedly one of my new favorite places and I would probably consider moving there if I wasn’t moving to Thousand Oaks at the end of the month.

These two are some of my favorite people. Katy and Rochelle are good friends from work, so this really felt like a double date where I just happened to have my camera with me. Mason kept me laughing the entire time we were shooting, wondering #wheredoiputmyhands, and by the end, he was a total pro! Guys, here’s my go-to tip in photos: hand in pocket, thumb out - it’s a classic and works every time, Mason will tell you ;)

I am more than excited for Rochelle and Mason’s hometown wedding in Lodi this coming September!

Newport-Beach-Engagement Newport-Beach-Engagement Newport-Beach-Engagement Newport-Beach-Engagement Newport-Beach-Engagement Newport-Beach-Engagement Newport-Beach-Engagement Newport-Beach-Engagement Newport-Beach-Engagement Newport-Beach-Engagement-R-M-82 Newport-Beach-Engagement Newport-Beach-Engagement-R-M-97

Malibu Engagement : Breanna + Ricky


This love story started back in 2008 on the last day of high school. Breanna tagged along with her best friend Amanda to get yearbook signatures in a different class room. As she was waiting patiently, she heard someone say "Hey, do you want to sign my yearbook!?" Now, who do you think that someone was? Good guess, how'd you know? That was their first and only interaction throughout all of high school, and they wouldn't meet again until fate brought them back together for a second time while both working at Kohl's. Breanna’s boss told her she’d be training the new guy… and who do you think that new guy was? Good guess again! There's clearly a pattern here. After becoming great friends and eventually Facebook official friends, Ricky and Breanna split ways for college. Fast forward 5 whole years later, upon graduating college, Breanna moves back home. Both Breanna and Ricky were in relationships at this time, but as fate had it, both of their relationships ended in the same month. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure fate got this one right! They wound up reconnecting as if no time had passed and officially stated dating again in April of 2014! I'm saving the proposal story for later… ;) malibu-engagment-R-B-7malibu-engagment-R-B-27    malibu-engagment-R-B-49malibu-engagment-R-B-22malibu-engagment-R-B-51 malibu-engagment-R-B-53449A0803malibu-engagment-R-B-105


Venice Canals Engagement : Kiley + Kyle


The Venice Canals are such a rad place! I'm always so excited when clients pick unique locations like the canals. Kiley and Kyle were the absolute sweetest! I had a such a fun afternoon with these two, roaming around, finding beautiful light! I didn't want the session to end, but unfortunately, the sun was eventually gone, haha :) Kylie and Kyle met during their senior year of high school at a retreat in Ojai, California. They each coincidentally attended the retreat because both Kiley and Kyle played two different sports in both winter and spring, and this was the only available trip. Two months after the retreat, these two were starting to become great friends. Shortly after, on New Years Eve night 2007, Kiley and Kyle had their first kiss! (I've been with Katy, my girlfriend, for 5 years, and this was ours too!…But in 2012. I think New Years Eve kisses are good luck!

Venice-Canals-Engagement Venice-Canals-Engagement-K-K-12 Venice-Canals-Engagement-K-K-11 Venice-Canals-Engagement-K-K-25 Venice-Canals-Engagement-K-K-27 Venice-Canals-Engagement-K-K-31 Venice-Canals-Engagement-K-K-40 Venice-Canals-Engagement-K-K-115 Venice-Canals-Engagement-K-K-91Venice-Canals-Engagement-K-K-69

Marina Del Rey Wedding : Sonia + Brandon


What a way to kick off 2017! Sonia and Brandon are some of the kindest people I have ever met. The apples definitely don’t fall far from their trees, as both families welcomed me with arms wide open, so much so, I thought it might have been MY wedding day :). I'm so excited for these two and everything that's to come! Congratulations, Sonia and Brandon, wishing you both a life full of happiness and love!

Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-2 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-20 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-40 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-11 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-43 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-85 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-73 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-92Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-1144 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-170 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-245 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-258 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-274 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-431 Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-437Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-1000Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-4454Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-555Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-705Marina-Del-Rey-Wedding-S-B-711