Calabasas, CA Engagement: Grace + Matt


I continue to be so extremely lucky to photograph such amazing couples. Grace and Matt came prepared!... And when I say prepared, I mean they brought a tent! I can’t stress enough to my clients how much I love when they bring props! Even if it's only for a few photos, I think it adds so much character. Grace and Matt were true pros - so relaxed and confident, it was as if they have done this a million times before. I had such a great time photographing these two, they really made my job easy. I can't wait for their incredible fall wedding!

IMG_9899 IMG_9971 gillette-ranch-engagement2 IMG_9990 gillette-ranch-engagement1 IMG_0163

I saw this older couple driving down the street in this beautiful car, and I knew I had to get a picture with Grace and Matt in front of it. I jumped around like monkey to get their attention to stop the car - at first they just thought I was waving at them, until I started running towards them. They were so sweet - they pulled their car around right in this gorgeous light for us. They’ve been married for over 60 years, and said the key to a successful marriage is simply to marry your best friend!

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