Cancun Wedding : Pam + Bryan


Where do I even start? This  Cancun wedding was one for the books for many reasons! First reason, it was in Cancun, Mexico, who doesn't like Cancun? Second reason, I now have new life long friends. Third reason, this was one of my favorite weddings to date! The wedding took place at the Royalton Rivera Cancun, this place was a dream! Pair this place with a couple like Pam and Bryan, and you are now living your dream! All week it kept saying their were gong to be rain and thunderstorms on the wedding date. We all kept saying "nope, noway, it's not going to rain, it's going to pass." Sure enough, not a cloud in the sky. The most beautiful weather you could ever hope for a wedding day. The ceremony location had the most incredible views looking out towards the ocean, it was breathtaking. I had to pinch myself every now and again and make sure this was real life. After the ceremony, we waltzed around the beautiful property as if it was a photography playground. At every corner, there was something more stunning then the last. One thing we chatted about was going into the Ocean, something know as the "Trash The Dress", I can't tell tell you how excited I was for this! We ended up doing this incredible shoot the next day because the sun was setting fast. It turned out to be the perfect plan! There were amazing vibes the entire trip. In order to get married in Mexico, you have to first be legally married in the United States. I had the pleasure of photographing Pam and Bryan's elopement at the beautiful Santa Barbara Court prior to this trip (I will share those photos in a different post)! Everything about this wedding was prefect, right from the moment I arrived to LAX, to the moment I put the keys in my front door returning. I am truly honored that I was able to be apart of Pam and Bryan's wedding journey, and I am even more honored to call these two my friends!

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