Conejo Creek North Park Engagement: Allie + Chris

Allie and Chris' Conejo Creek North Park Engagement Session a couple weeks ago was so much fun! These two are truly such a joy to be around. Their love for each other is infectious - I had a smile on my face the entire time.

Allie and Chris first met when she was starting her orientation at the hospital she currently works for - Chris had already been working there for years. She worked nights, but trained a few days while starting out, which is when Chris worked. When Allie first spotted him, she thought he was handsome, but she was in a long term relationship. Chris tried talking to her, even handing her a note with his number at one point. She was flattered and thought he was one of the kindest people she'd ever met, but again, she had a boyfriend, so she threw the note away shortly afterwards.

With different shifts, for the next year, they'd see each other every once in a while as she was leaving and he was arriving. Allie soon broke up with her boyfriend and coincidentally ran into Chris one morning in the cafeteria, mentioning to him that she and her dog were moving back home (hint hint). Before she knew it, she received a text from Chris inviting her to join him for lunch at the food trucks. He had managed to find her number from the work directory! Agreeing to hang out as friends, all it took was one night for Allie to decide she wanted to let Chris take her out on an actual date. His incredible manners are what really sealed the deal - opening every single car and restaurant door (which he still does today), Allie was swept off her feet by Chris and his gentlemanly ways. Shortly after they first hung out, Chris was transferred to another hospital. Had Allie said something to him in the cafeteria that morning, they might not be engaged today. Truly meant to be!

I couldn't be more excited to be a part of Allie and Chris' love story!

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