Disneyland Engagement Session: Leanna + Tommy


What’s better than a Disneyland Engagement Session? Doing a Disneyland Engagement Session with two Disneyland professionals! I’m not kidding, Leanna and Tommy are the real deal! They know the happiest place on earth so well that their friends even have them make personal maps for them! They even invited Katy and myself to come back with them another day when we weren’t shooting, (which was incredibly sweet of them), so that they could be our guide and show us the ropes! Getting to spend the afternoon with Leanna and Tommy was such a joy. As they took us to some of their favorites spots, the light just kept getting better and better. Slightly overcast, the weather thankfully allowed us to shoot in a lot of places we might not have been able to if the sun was shining bright. Not to mention, we were able to move through out the park with out being extremely hot (phewf)!

This day was absolutely perfect - great weather, an incredible location and an amazing couple, who couldn’t be more in love. Can’t wait for Leanna and Tommy’s wedding…and I’m definitely crossing my fingers for a Mickey & Minnie appearance

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