El Matador Beach Engagement : Gabby + Johnny


El Matador Beach is one of my favorite beaches of all time. If you haven't had a chance to visit it yet, I highly recommend you do! The rock formation is just stunning, it gets me every time! Luckily, since it was December, there was barley a soul on the beach, giving us free roam to shoot where ever we'd like. Gabby and Johnny were troopers baring the chilly December weather - Coming from Florida, the temperature was definitely a shock! Needless to say, Gabby and Johnny made it look like we were shooting the middle of summer. I think they are also distracted by how madly in love they were for one another. I only got to spend about an hour and a half with these two, but I can confidently tell you, they were definitely meant to be! el-matador-beach-engagement-110 el-matador-beach-engagement-1 el-matador-beach-engagement-11 el-matador-beach-engagement-13 el-matador-beach-engagement-16 el-matador-beach-engagement-25 el-matador-beach-engagement-44 el-matador-beach-engagement-21 el-matador-beach-engagement-56 el-matador-beach-engagement-60 el-matador-beach-engagement-59 el-matador-beach-engagement-94 el-matador-beach-engagement-97 el-matador-beach-engagement-104