El Matador Beach Engagement : Hannah + Nick


El Matador beach makes for one stunning background for engagment sessions! I couldn't be more thankful for the perfect weather we had for this shoot!  Especially seeing how we had to cancel twice before, due to the crazy amount of rain we've had in California this year! Needless to say, this day couldn't of been any nicer! Nick and Hannah met at Chico State while Nick played baseball, Hannah played volleyball. One night, Hannah's older teammates threw a party, which the baseball team attended (Nick was on the baseball team). Hannah first saw Nick dancing next to one her best friends, and instantly she wanted to find out who he was. So Hannah casually strolled over to her best friend Katie, to say hi with intent to meet Nick. They introduced their names to each other, and that was about it. Baby steps. Later that week, Nick followed Hannah on the Gram, and sent Hannah a DM (I hope everyone's keeping up with the lingo), and asked Hannah out their first date! Little did these two know, this was the beginning of a 4-year relationship, 3 of which were long distance (Nick travels playing baseball for the Minor League). Thank god for Nick's DM on social media, these two are now getting married!!!

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