El Matador Beach Engagement : Meredith + Andy

Meredith and Andy’s engagement session a couple weeks ago couldn’t have been more beautiful. We spent the first half of the shoot at Charmless Wilderness Park, then made out way down to the beach for the second half. I hadn’t done a shoot at the beach in a while, so getting to photograph at the always stunning El Matador in Malibu was a ton of fun with these lovebirds (but we definitely weren’t the only ones with a camera there - per usual).

Andy and Meredith met on the dating app called Hinge. They only had a few mutual friends, but quickly came to realize how many people their families had in common and that it was crazy that their paths had never crossed before. Their first date was at a bar in West LA called the Wellesbourne, where they spent a few hours talking, drinking and laughing nonstop, and when they left, they continued their date for a few more hours walking and talking around the neighborhood. A great first date and the first of many.

Fast forward about two happy years later — Andy told Meredith he was taking her away for the weekend but didn’t tell her where. They showed up at the stunning Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes because Andy remembered Meredith saying that she’d always wanted to stay there. After getting a couple’s massage, they wandered down to the beach to watch the sunset together and Andy had her open up a blanket to sit on the sand. As she began to open it up, she realized that it had a question printed on it… “Will you MERry me?” - She then turned around to Andy down on one knee and said YES! (WELL DONE, ANDY!)

Set to walk down the aisle next year, I can’t wait for their big day!

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