Emma the Pit Bull - The most misunderstood dog breed in the world.


Pit Bulls are the most misunderstood breed in the world. Having dogs my whole life, I can confidently tell you that they are absolutely by far the most caring, loving, loyal, cuddly, protective dog I have ever had. It's not the breed, it’s the owner. Bad parenting, a lot of times, can lead to bad kids - same goes for Pit Bulls. Emma is so human-like, it’s scary - she looks right through you. Emma loves dogs, all type of dogs. For example, Emma's best friend is an 8 pound Maltipoo named Jaws (my girlfriend Katy’s dog). Jaws will come up to Emma while she's eating a bone, take it, and walk away. Emma will just sit there and look up at me like, “Is this real life?”. She doesn't even react. I can safely say that I will have Pit Bulls for the rest of my life. Pit Bulls will never let you down, as long as you don't let them down. It's simple, stop breed discrimination... It's not the dog, its you. _MG_4057-3 _MG_4064-2