Gerry Ranch Wedding : Kelsey + Sam


It all started with an email that I received from Kelsey over a year ago. She was the new director of catering at the Los Robles Gardens and wanted to familiarize herself with the vendors in the area, so she reached out to introduce herself. Little did we know at the time that her email would be the beginning of a beautiful new friendship! Now a little bit about Kelsey and Sam! The first time these two lovebirds met was in 1999, when they ended up on the same little league team. This was just the beginning! They then attended the same middle school, where Sam claims he danced with Kelsey at a school dance once, but Kelsey has no recollection of this ever happening (ha!). Years passed, but as soulmates do, Kelsey and Sam reconnected with each other their senior year of high school. Apparently, Sam was telling his entire baseball team that he was dating Kelsey, but the funny thing about this, is that Kelsey unaware. He finally decided to let Kelsey know that they were dating on March 23rd, 2009 (I wish I could of heard that conversation!). Years later, after both Kelsey and Sam continued their relationship while attending college, Sam knew it was time to popp the question. He did so at the happiest place in the world, can you guess where? If you said Disneyland, you were only half correct, if you said Disneyland in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, you win! :) As Sam's sister pretended to take a photo of them, Sam reached into his pocket, got down on one knee and said “Five and a half years is a really long time to date…” - I think you can guess what he said next.

I can't tell you how grateful I am that I was able to spend Kelsey and Sam’s glorious day with them, and I am even more grateful that I to call this truly incredible couple, my friends. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you two!

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We had such an amazing creative team on this wedding and I've listed them all below!

Venue: Gerry Ranch 

Coordinator: Casi Cielo Events & Flowers

Floral: Casi Cielo Events & Flowers

Catering: Seasons Catering 

MUH: Fairytale Hair and Makeup

Bakery: SugarLab Bake Shop

DJ: West Coast Wedding Dj's

Photographer: Lucas Rossi Photography