Griffith Observatory Engagement: Bing + Brian

Bing and Brian are yet another perfect example of online dating successes. Meeting on "OK Cupid" , and just a year later these two are engaged to be married.  After battling possible weather delays, LA traffic, crowds, and the Hollywood tourism Bing and Brian absolutely rocked their engagement session! Not to mention. We got incredibly lucky with a killer sunset! This Griffith Observatory engagement session is one for the books! I am so excited for Bing and Brian's wedding in August, I cannot wait!  - Associate Photographer Michelle Kyle
Griffith Observatory Engagement Bing-Brian-Engagment-LucasRossi-34 Bing-Brian-Engagment-LucasRossi-26 Griffith Observatory Engagement Bing-Brian-Engagment-LucasRossi-27 Bing-Brian-Engagment-LucasRossi-37 Bing-Brian-Engagment-LucasRossi-44 Bing-Brian-Engagment-LucasRossi-45 Griffith Observatory Engagement Bing-Brian-Engagment-LucasRossi-52 Bing-Brian-Engagment-LucasRossi-63 Griffith Observatory Engagement Bing-Brian-Engagment-LucasRossi-110