Hollywood, CA Engagement: Meaghan + Raja


Hollywood, CA Engagement - Raja and Meaghan were role model clients this past weekend. They came prepared with perfect wardrobe changes and a plan of action. We started our journey first by stopping at small coffee shop right of Franklin Avenue to grab a cup of tea. That was the quickest coffee shop stop. (Hey, that rhymed) Sadly, I don't think Meaghan and Raja actually got to enjoy their cup of tea, as we were in an out in a flash! Next, we headed down the street to Franklin Village - this place was adorable! We stopped in a record store, book store and pub, all in one block. As you can see below, Meaghan and Raja were pros. It was as if they have done this a million times before! It was such pleasure hanging out with these two for the afternoon, and was sad when it had to end. If their wedding is going to be anything like their engagement shoot, I'm in for a treat! Hollywood_Engagement_2 IMG_4495 Hollywood_Engagement_4 IMG_4267 Hollywood_Engagement_3 IMG_4483 Hollywood_Engagement_1 IMG_4367 IMG_4906 IMG_4850