Lake Balboa Park Engagement: Sonia + Brandon


Last weekend, I had the pleasure of shooting Sonia and Brandon’s engagement photos at Balboa Park. This was a fun engagement session for me particularly, because I’ve known the groom-to-be, Brandon, since grade school! I love my job (for more reasons than one), but especially because it allows me to be a part of the most significant time in people’s lives with both new clients/friends, and old. Sonia and Brandon first met on Skype, believe it or not, through a friend while going to school at CSUN. It was “love at first Skype,” as Brandon likes to call it. The first time they hung out at her friend’s apartment, Brandon kept acting goofy and cracking jokes, which made Sonia laugh all night. Enjoying each other’s company right off the bat, they continued hanging out and the more time they spent together, the closer they became. Sonia even got Brandon to go to the beach, and he claims he was never much of a beach person before meeting her. Remaining friends for the first year while they got to know each other, they then began to officially date and the rest was history. Fast forward five amazingly happy years later — Brandon proposed to Sonia at the place she loves most, the beach. I think we can now call Brandon a beach person.

Lake Balboa Park Engagement Lake Balboa Park Engagement Brandon-Sonia-Lake-Balboa-Engagement-31 Brandon-Sonia-Lake-Balboa-Engagement-35 Lake Balboa Park Engagement Brandon-Sonia-Lake-Balboa-Engagement-50 Lake Balboa Park Engagement Brandon-Sonia-Lake-Balboa-Engagement-52 Brandon-Sonia-Lake-Balboa-Engagement-57 Brandon-Sonia-Lake-Balboa-Engagement-61 Lake Balboa Park Engagement Brandon-Sonia-Lake-Balboa-Engagement-77 Lake Balboa Park Engagement