Malibu Beach Inn Wedding : Jinny + Paul

About a month ago, I had the absolute honor of photographing Jinny and Paul’s intimate elopement ceremony at the Malibu Beach Inn. Now… I don’t like picking favorites, by any means…but this had to have been one of my most memorable ceremonies to date!

Jinny and Paul met in 2011 when they were both deployed to Afghanistan. Jinny was just starting her deployment and Paul was about halfway through his. Jinny had to travel through Paul’s base in order to get to her own and that is how they briefly met each other for the first time (talk about a meet cute). Eventually needing help with a few things when she got to her base, Paul was the one who helped her out, even from 100 miles away. Talking more long distance and getting to know each other better as time passed, when Paul was finished with his deployment and traveled back home to Texas, Jinny and Paul’s long distance relationship continued while Jinny was still in Afghanistan. When she was done with her deployment, Jinny went back to Germany and their long distance relationship continued for another year until they moved to Hawaii together in 2013. When Paul got orders to Omaha when they were living in Hawaii together, being all over the map with their relationship already, he knew he had to make things official and lock down the love of his life! After trying multiple times to surprise her with tons of romantic proposals that Jinny apparently ruined with out knowing it, Paul finally said whatever and proposed to her in their living room with her favorite flower, plumerias, spread all over the floor when she came home one day!

And that brings us to just about a month ago, on August 29, when Jinny and Paul said their I Do’s with their immediate family by their side in Malibu. It was such an emotional, joyful day and I couldn’t have been happier to capture it all! Congratulations, you two!

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