Malibu Creek State Park Engagement: Kendall + Luis


Man, was my engagement shoot with Kendall and Luis a blast a few weeks ago! With Malibu Creek being a hot spot for engagement photos this wedding season, Kendall and Luis wanted to spice things up a bit for their shoot, and they certainly did…with some bubbly and play-on-word props (including a pineapple, which is what Luis’ last name Pina means, in Spanish)! It’s not every day you get to pop Dom Perignon in Malibu with your clients! If this evening was any preview of how Kendall and Luis’ wedding will be next year, it’s gonna be one big party at Eden Gardens, and I can’t wait! Kendall and Luis first met on a night out - the most unexpected place, at the most unexpected time. Celebrating Luis’ cousin’s birthday at a bar one night, Kendall happened to attend the same party, after her co-worker (another cousin) invited her. Locking eyes the moment each of them entered the bar, Kendall remembers thinking how handsome Luis was and how much she loved his smile, and Luis remembers thinking how beautiful Kendall was and how he’d need to have a few more drinks in order to get up the nerve to speak to her. Ha! From the moment they eventually began talking that night, they never stopped. Leaving the bar early, Luis walked Kendall to a delicious food truck and bought her nachos, where their conversation continued until everyone else was ready to leave. A gentleman, Luis walked Kendall to her car, asked for her number, and to no surprise at all, they continued talking right away that night and every day after! Never missing a day since and set to tie the knot today, it’s clear Kendall and Luis’ meeting was serendipitous!

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