Malibu Engagement : Amanda + Cameron


Malibu is filled with the most beautiful locations for engagement sessions - there really isn’t a bad place to shoot. Everywhere you turn, there’s either ocean views or rolling mountains, that’s why it’s always a fan favorite! It doesn’t matter what time of the year or what the weather is, it’s always magnificent. Amanda and Cameron brought their adorable puppy and he acted like a professional model, as you can see below! I love when clients bring their animals, it always make the day just that much better! So the phrase “It’s a small world” really applies perfectly for Amanda and Cameron’s relationship. They both grew up down the street from each other, but it wasn’t until September 2011 in Las Vegas when their paths finally crossed. Cameron was living with a mutual friend of Amanda’s, who planned a weekend trip with a bunch of friends to Vegas, where they met. It amazes me, a story like this comes up more frequently than you’d think. Meant to be? I would say so! Well, the rest is history, as they’ve been together ever since. I guess they can give credit to their friends for planning that weekend trip to Vegas, where it all began! Thanks Cameron and Amanda’s friends, because of you these two amazing people are getting married and I get to be a small part in their big day!  :)