Malibu Engagement: Emilyn + Jason


Emilyn and Jason’s love story first began at a district volleyball tournament, when Emilyn kept noticing a cute guy on crutches, who was wearing a green shirt and blue hat (I think the crutches sealed the deal). At first, she was too shy to approach Jason, so months and months passed by until they happened to meet again - but this time, it was at a district blowing tournament (these two are quite the competitors!). Excited to spot him again, Emilyn confessed her crush to a friend, who took it upon herself to introduced Emilyn to Jason over and over again through out the night. After a month passed, at another district tournament, Jason finally mustered up the courage to ask for Emilyn's phone number. After calling Emilyn three days later (his pals advised him to wait the three day rule), he asked her to hang out. But all he could remember, was Emilyn asking if her sister and brother could come along. Instantly, Jason thought it was game over and that she wasn’t interested. He decided to still give it try, and good thing he did, because their date couldn’t have gone better! Fast forward to today - seven amazing years later, Emilyn and Jason are tying the knot! I love hearing each couple’s story of how they came to be - each one so special and unique. I’m so excited for Emilyn and Jason’s wedding at the end of this month!

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