Malibu Engagement & Wedding: Thanh + Neil


Thanh and Neil only had a short time back in the states before the wedding (3 days to be exact), so we got to take engagement photos right beforehand! Their wedding ceremony was at  The Sunset Restaurant in Malibu - what's better than a beach wedding!? Thanh and Neil’s love story started just a few short months into Neil’s stay in Vietnam. They both were working at the same International School teaching English. As Thang was studying Spanish, Neil “needed help” studying Vietnamese. Neil had something up his sleeve…he made a deal with Thang - if he helped her study Spanish, she’d have to help him with Vietnamese. Little did she know, Neil’s only interest was to spend more time with her! After relentless attempts to date Thanh, she finally gave in to Neil’s charm. The rest is now history! Congratulations Thanh and Neil, I wish you a life full happiness and love!

Malibu Engagement Malibu Engagement Malibu Engagement Malibu Engagement malibu-engagement-thanh-neil-59 The Sunset Restaurant Wedding The Sunset Restaurant Wedding the-sunset-wedding-neil-thanh-41 The Sunset Restaurant Wedding the-sunset-wedding-neil-thanh-112 the-sunset-wedding-neil-thanh-258 The Sunset Restaurant Wedding the-sunset-wedding-neil-thanh-348 The Sunset Restaurant Wedding the-sunset-wedding-neil-thanh-356 the-sunset-wedding-neil-thanh-364

Venue:  The Sunset Restaurant

Floral Design: McCann Florist