Marina City Club Wedding: Carly + Matt


I can’t tell you how much fun I had with Carly and Matt on their gorgeous wedding day at the Marina City Club! Carly and Matt’s families were so awesome and relaxed, they instantly made me feel like a part of the family! Everything about their wedding day was perfect, I wouldn’t have changed a thing! I especially loved how their wedding day started early, for a change, so instead of a dinner reception, it was a lunch reception. This was a first for me, and I now might consider this for my own wedding! Congratulations, Matt and Carly! Thank you again for being such an amazing couple! Maria-City-Club-Wedding-4 Maria-City-Club-Wedding Maria-City-Club-Wedding-5 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-6 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-7 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-2 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-3 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-8 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-9 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-11 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-12 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-13 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-14 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-15 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-16 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-17 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-10 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-19 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-20 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-21 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-22 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-23 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-24 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-25 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-26 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-27 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-28 Maria-City-Club-Wedding-18

Venus: Marina City Club 

Coordinator: Candace Miller

Bakery: Jamaica's Cakes

Dj: Fernando Hernandez VOX DJs

Videographer: Joshua Jones

Makeup: Lynnette Buckland

Photographer: Lucas Rossi