McCormick Ranch Engagement Session: Daria + Dewey


You know when you meet someone and you feel like you've know them your whole life? Well, that is exactly how I felt with Daria and Dewey at their McCormick Ranch engagement session! Right off the bat, I knew our friendship would continue on after their wedding. My main goal during an engagement session is to have my clients relax and enjoy themselves. There should be zero stress, as it's a happy occasion - we're taking photos because two people fell in love and are engaged to be married! Well, Dewey and Daria's engagement session was nothing short of perfect. Although it was raining and overcast, these two still had incredibly positive attitudes the entire time. At one point, however, I did have to teach Dewey about the "claw hand" that a lot of guys tend to do on almost every engagement shoot. The "claw hand" is what happens when you don't know where to place your hand and wind up with it awkwardly positioned. My solution for this is... Put your hand in your pocket! Your pocket is always the best bet. Now, in photos from here on out, Dewey, I'm counting on you!

We will be back here at McCormick Ranch for Dewey and Daria's wedding in August, and I can't wait!

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