McCormick Ranch Wedding: Allison + Craig


I don't know where to begin with Allison & Craig. Let's first start off with how much I LOVE shooting weddings at McCormick Ranch, there is so much natural beauty. Now that we got that out of the way, I just want to thank Allison and Craig for being such outstanding individuals, and now life partners. They're as down to earth as they come - they made my team and I feel right at home the second we arrived. That's the type of people Allison and Craig are - it's their wedding day, and they're asking how they can help us! I feel so blessed to have clients like this, it's truly something I don't take for granted. Now let's go back and talk about how perfect their big day was. The weather couldn't of been nicer, with a light cloud haze that burned off just in time for photos!  And how about their 22 person bridal party!? Congratulations, Allison & Craig, you have now broke my previous record of 21! Typically, photographing that big of a bridal party does't come easy, but when you have 22 genuinely nice, respectful people, they make your life much easier! The day just kept getting better - no stress (I have to give credit to Cat Crenshaw for orchestrating everything keeping us on track, as always!), and with good company. I was having so much fun, I forgot I was actually working! Thank you Allison and Craig, I'm truly honored I got to be a part of this magnificent day! This McCormick Ranch Wedding is one for the books!

McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-48 Mccormick Ranch Wedding McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-56 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-111 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-146 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-25 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-5 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-184 Mccormick Ranch Wedding Mccormick Ranch Wedding McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-222 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-226 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-396 Mccormick Ranch Wedding McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-166 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-620 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-677 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-732 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-472 Mccormick Ranch Wedding McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-777 Mccormick Ranch Wedding Mccormick Ranch Wedding McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-830 Mccormick Ranch Wedding McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-895McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-950McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-1044McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-1050 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-Allison-Craig-1075


Thank you to the amazing team listed below that made this wedding possible!

Venue: McCormick Ranch

Coordinator: Vita Bella Events

Floral: Elegant Thorn

DJ: Portillo Productions

Furniture/ Linens Rental: Red Door Events

Bakery: Sheila Mae

Make-Up: Tracy CianfloneMegan QuinnMax Bronner

Hair: Tracy Cianflone

Photographer: Lucas Rossi