McCormick Ranch Wedding : Dewey + Daria

Daria and Dewey’s wedding was too much fun! Saying their I Do’s at hot spot McCormick Ranch, I was excited to be back at one of my favorite venues. These two lovebirds certainly made me feel like I was part of the family, and I couldn’t have had a better time!
Daria and Dewey first met when Dewey came into a popular food joint in town, Pizza and More, with his friends to pick up a pizza to go - they quickly chatted, and he went on his way. When they both returned to the restaurant a few weeks later, Daria saw her opportunity and kept trying to talk to him but he was playing hard to get. The entire table of guys he was with was talking to Daria, except for him (well played, dude). A few more weeks passed, and they happened to both be at the restaurant again… this time, Dewey’s friends asked Daria and her friend to join them at their table. Finally, that got the ball rolling and Dewey eventually asked Daria for her number that night. And that’s all it took! The rest is history, as they fell head over heels in love. Fast forward four happy years later, on Dewey’s birthday, he brought Daria to Paradise Cove, where she thought they were meeting his grandparents. Taking her on a walk on the sand, they came up on a blanket with rose petals, where Daria thought they were about to ruin someone else’s proposal… little did she know it was her own! Before she knew it, Dewey was down on one knee! (Well played, yet again, Dewey!)
Congrats to one of the absolute sweetest couples! May joy, love and happiness be yours forever!
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A huge thanks to the creative team listed below!
Venue: McCormick Ranch
Coordinator: Red Door Events
Bakery: Viktor Bene's Continental Bakery
MUH: Sarah Allen
DJ: Double Time DJ's
Photographer: Lucas Rossi Photography
Videography: Lucas Rossi Photography