McCormick Ranch Wedding: Kaitlyn + Rob


McCormick Ranch is one of my favorite places to photograph weddings, because it always feels like one big family celebration in someone’s beautiful backyard. Lucky enough for me, this wedding season keeps bringing me back to the ranch where there is no shortage of picturesque spots to choose from. A few weeks ago, I had the honor of shooting Kaitlyn and Rob’s stunning wedding here, and I had the absolute hardest time picking my favorite photos, because there simply were too many to choose from! These two lovebirds first met at a mutual friend’s party at a bar in Simi Valley. At first, Rob thought Kaitlyn was spoken for, so he ignored her all night, which made Kaitlyn crazy (and little did Rob know, it actually worked in his favor). As they were leaving at the end of the night, Rob realized that Kaitlyn’s “boyfriend” was only her friend, and shouted “Well then, give me your number!” So, she did, and the rest was history! Dating from that point on, it wasn’t very long before Rob knew Kaitlyn was the one. Popping the question at Christmas time, they were decorating their first Christmas tree for their new house and had spent the afternoon decorating and listening to Christmas music. After going to dinner, they came back home and romantic Rob said he had one more ornament that their dog had to give to Kaitlyn. Rob called Breeze over to her, who had a huge bell on his collar, and as Kaitlyn knelt down to get the bell from his collar, resting on top was Kaitlyn’s beautiful engagement ring! Way to go, Rob!

Breeze, Kaitlyn and Rob’s adorable fur baby, was a huge part of their engagement and also stole the show on their wedding day! I’m a huge dog lover, so whenever pets are involved, I’m obsessed! This day couldn’t have been more fun and I’m so over the moon with how these photos turned out - Like I said, it was a doozy having to narrow down my favorites! Cheers, Kaitlyn & Rob! So excited to have captured your first day as Mr. & Mrs.!

McCormick-Ranch-Wedding McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-7 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-539 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-105 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-135 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-32 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-47 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-165 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-183 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-197 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-212 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-222 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-100 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-239 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-144 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-153 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-442 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-453 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-471 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-474 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-486 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-414 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-595 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding McCormick-Ranch-Wedding McCormick-Ranch-Wedding McCormick-Ranch-Wedding-K-R-689 McCormick-Ranch-Wedding McCormick-Ranch-WeddingMccormick Ranch Wedding


Coordinator: Stephanie Fischer

Venue: McCormick Ranch

Catering: Wood Ranch BBQ

Bakery: Annie Lassaline

DJ: Vox DJ, Carlos Leon

Hair/Makeup: Britt Tarr

Photographer: Lucas Rossi