Moorpark Country Club Wedding: Kyrstin + Daniel Soria


What a perfect day at Moorpark Country Club this past Saturday. Kyrstin and Daniel were too much fun, and let me tell you... Their families definitely knew how to celebrate a wedding! From the moment I arrived for bride prep photos, to the end of the night, dancing until their feet fell off, it was clear that Kyrstin and Daniel were having a blast and enjoying themselves the entire time. You’d think by now that I wouldn't get teary eyed while shooting a wedding, but I continue to surprise myself with every single ceremony. Seeing the way Daniel looked at his soon-to-be beautiful bride Kyrstin coming down the aisle was the absolute sweetest thing. When you look at these two together, you instantly feel their love and connection. Mr. and Mrs. Soria are truly best friends and I am grateful that I was able to be part of their forever day! wedding_ring_shoes

We first stopped at Kyrstin's family home in Moorpark where we photographed all the Bride Prep photos. I always love shooting Bride Prep photos somewhere that is meaningful, it tends to make the photos more intimate and personal.

Wedding_Dress_moorpark Bride_Moorpark_Wedding_dress

The next stop was The Four Seasons Westlake Village for Groom Prep. I'm a little jealous of Daniel's hair!

SoriaWedding-19 SoriaWedding-215

Last stop, the beautiful Moorpark Country Club! The reception and wedding were both held here - it's always nice when both are in the same location.

SoriaWedding-95 SoriaWedding-137 SoriaWedding-130 SoriaWedding-116 Moorpark_Country_Club_Wedding Moorpark_Country_Club_Wedding_2

Moorpark Country Club Wedding Venue


Is this not the best thing in the world? Ring security's finest at Moorpark Country Club. No one  would stand a chance!

SoriaWedding-276 SoriaWedding-287

If this isn't love, then I don't know what love looks like!

SoriaWedding-293 SoriaWedding-295 Moorpark_Country_Club_Wedding_3 SoriaWedding-361 Moorpark_Country_Club_Wedding_4 Moorpark_Country_Club_Wedding_5 SoriaWedding-441 Moorpark_Country_Club_Wedding_6 SoriaWedding-447 SoriaWedding-501 SoriaWedding-502 SoriaWedding-509 SoriaWedding-523 SoriaWedding-540 SoriaWedding-547

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