Newbury Park Wedding : Tracy + Jake


Tracy and Jake got married on Kauai last month in the beautiful Hanalei Bay, so when they got back, they wanted to do post wedding photos. Now, before I get into how gorgeous of a location Potrero Ridges is for a shoot, let me tell you just how small of a world we live in. Last month, I took my first vacation in a while with my beautiful girlfriend Katy, to her favorite place in the world, Kauai. Those who have visited the small island, more specifically Princeville and Hanalei Bay, know just how small it really is. Well, as it turns out, Tracy and Jake happened to get married less than two miles away from where Katy and I were staying, at the EXACT same time we were there! But WAIT, it gets even better… Tracy, Jake and their families were even staying at the same resort as us! SMALL WORLD? I think so! Potrero Ridge Potrero Ridge Potrero Ridge Potrero Ridge Potrero Ridge