Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Man this is one great city. My Father was born and raised in Philadelphia, with that said, I grew up a die heart Philadelphia fan. Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, you name it. I recently flew back to Philly to surprise my Grandparents that i haven't seen who are 90 and 91. It was a great time away from home, 20 degree weather and hot Cheese Steaks every day. I manage to eat at least 1 Philly Cheese Steak every day from Saturday to Friday. The last day I was in Philly, I decided to take out my camera for a little while and drive around the city with my cousin. The history that this place has is unbelievable. You see it in the building structure, you see it in the people. I believe Philly is one of the greatest cities in the World. It feels like home every time I go back to visit. So until next time... IMG_9665 IMG_9671 IMG_9681 IMG_9692 IMG_9697 IMG_9683 IMG_9729 IMG_9706 IMG_9712 IMG_9767 IMG_9764 IMG_9779 IMG_9773 IMG_9788