Point Dume Engagement : Vanessa + Steven


Point Dume is just so dang pretty, it’s a new fan favorite for my couples! Thankfully, we were blessed with the most perfect weather, after having to cancel twice due to the crazy rainstorms. Vanessa and Steven were so much fun to hang out with, that I even forgot I was working for a second. You’ll see in the photos below, they brought some champagne along, and, well...Steven prematurely popped it. Vanessa’s reaction was priceless!  :D

These two lovebirds first met about 15 years ago when they were in a Quincincera together. Though they weren’t partners, Vanessa had a little crush on Steven, but he was partnered with another girl that he liked. From that point on, she had her eye on him, but he was always taken. After a few years passed, during his senior year and Vanessa’s junior year, her best friend had a small get together, where they started talking and instantly hit it off. They wound up going to another party at one of his friend’s houses where Vanessa knew absolutely knew no one, but she went because she just wanted to be around him. Joking, Steven said he knew she was his “ride or die” from that moment on! Dating on and off ever since, for the past 12 years, they’ve had their fair share of ups and down but through out it all, they have always found a way back to each other, where these soulmates are meant to be!

 I’m so excited for Vanessa and Steven’s Cinco de Mayo wedding this year - it’s just around the corner and certainly going to be a party!

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