Portola Valley Wedding: Emily + Brendan


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of traveling up north for Emily and Brendan’s backyard nuptials in Portola Valley, California. With a quick plane ride to San Francisco and a short twenty minute drive to their family friend’s house, in what felt like the blink of an eye, I was transported to the most beautiful green oasis. An intimate gathering, I loved this wedding for so many reasons, not the least of which, because Emily and Brendan are just about as sweet as it gets! There were so many details, from the little dolls of Emily and Brendan that Emily handmade, to the thoughtful bridesmaid giftboxes, to all of the different flowers and succulents everywhere corner you turned - it was a delight to the eyes. Cheers to Emily and Brendan! Thank you for having me there to photograph your special day. First stumbling upon each other in 2010, Emily and Brendan met while attending the same acting workshop called “The Mastery of Self Expression.” Emily’s aunt, Karen, had been her acting teacher for a few months and was co-leading the weekend workshop, suggesting that she should go. Little did Emily know, at the same time, Karen was also pushing Brendan to take the plunge and attend the workshop as well. Basically, all thanks to Aunt Karen, it was a match made in heaven and six years later, the rest is history! These two couldn’t be more perfect for one another and I can’t help but think that deep down, Aunt Karen knew exactly what she was doing by paving the way for their paths to cross ;-)

 Portola-Valley-Wedding Portola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-44 Portola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-72 Portola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-98 Portola-Valley-Wedding Portola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-124Portola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-137Portola-Valley-WeddingPortola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-331 Portola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-336 Portola-Valley-WeddingPortola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-405 Portola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-147Portola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-436 Portola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-441 Portola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-516 Portola-Valley-Wedding-E-B-522
Thank you to the creative team listed bellow!
Coordinator: Molly Jacobs
Catering: David Haydon
Hair: Melanie Hegna
Makeup: Jody Bowen