Private Estate Engagement: Mayra + David


I absolutely love shooting in new locations, you never know what exactly what you're going to get! When I arrived, the estate was magnificent - I instantly started mapping out locations in my head of where I wanted to take Mayra and David! Between having a gorgeous couple, and a stellar location, I was in heaven. To make it even better, Mayra and David are the sweetest couple and are extremely outgoing! It felt as if I was at a professional photo shoot with two beautiful people, going location to location - now that’s my kind of engagement shoot! Their wedding is just around the corner and I cannot wait! Lucas Rossi Mayra-david-engagement-3 Lucas Rossi Mayra-david-engagement-23 Mayra-david-engagement -42 Mayra-david-engagement-67 Mayra-david-engagement -69 Mayra-david-engagement-49 Lucas Rossi Mayra-david-engagement-56 Lucas Rossi Mayra-david-engagement-76