Rancho Las Lomas Wedding - Silverado, CA: Meaghan + Raja


What a treat to be able to capture Meaghan and Raja's wedding day at the gorgeous Rancho Las Lomas! From day one, these guys were so much fun to work with and I knew an incredible day was in store. With a stunning couple and an equally stunning location, Meaghan and Raja’s wedding was a total dream. They were so excited and inspired by the photography process, and I truly think that gave their photos an extra special spark. From Meaghan’s jaw-dropping flowy dress #1 and her beautiful lacey dress #2, to the Hollywood themed tables at the reception and a flower petal shower send-off, there was so much thought and attention to detail, which I LOVE as a photographer. Meaghan and Raja, thank you so much for letting me be a small part of your big day - it was an honor and I couldn’t be happier with these photos! Congratulations again! Fenske-Wedding- Rancho-Las-Lomas-6 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-18 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-65 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-75 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-171 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-192 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-200 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-184 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-181 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-226 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-230 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-250 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-97 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-132 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-138 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-257 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-258 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-373 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-409 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-510 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-512 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-602 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-625 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-609Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-679 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-681 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-693 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-716 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-727 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-746 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-752 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-761 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-764Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-660Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-493 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-870 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-1074 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-1127 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-1132 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-1158 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-1162 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-1265 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-1267 Fenske-Wedding-Rancho-Las-Lomas-1273

This wedding wouldn't have been possible without an incredible creative team! Venue: Rancho Las Lomas Planning: Salynn with Events with a Kick Floral:  Wendie Monrroy on Main  Makeup: Kelly Niemann Hair: Caitlyn Allen and Jessica Montgomery Rentals - Linens - Catering - Bakery:  Shelby Honeycutt  at 24 Carrot Catering DJ and Lighting: Bump it Entertainment Bride and Groom Chair Rental Co: Storied Time-Honored Rentals Videographer:  Kavin Lindgren Photo:  Lucas Rossi