Santa Monica Engagement : Elizabeth + Jeremy


Elizabeth and Jeremy’s engagement session is particularly near and dear to my heart because Elizabeth is a great friend of mine. I’m so excited with how these photos turned out because, I mean, not only are they some beautiful human beings, but these two really planned everything out - from their outfits, to the props, to the different locations - everything you see is significant to their relationship in some way and that’s what I love. Elizabeth and Jeremy first met through a mutual friend, who was trying to set them up. She’s a hair stylist, so she told their friend to have Jeremy come get a haircut - that way, if she didn’t like him, there wouldn’t have to be an awkward dinner to follow, ha! Jeremy came in to the salon and at the end of the appointment, he asked her out. As Elizabeth explains it, he was tall, handsome, sweet and talented, so naturally, she said no. He came in for another haircut a few months later, but this time, he came armed with first baseline Dodger’s tickets. Elizabeth came from a baseball loving family, so, she couldn’t resist taking him up on his offer. Their mutual love of baseball was just the beginning of a long list of things they began to realize they had in common…and their baseball date was just the beginning of, well, forever. When Jeremy moved to Los Angles in 1999, he made a pact that he wouldn't ride the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel, until he was engaged with the person that he would spend the rest of his life with! This was their first time ever riding the ferris wheel, and I got to capture every moment of it!

Almost together for four years now, just this past April, Jeremy popped the question on top of a cliff in Malibu overlooking the ocean.Set to tie the knot in Colorado next month, I’m so excited to be a part of their first day as Mr. & Mrs. Lake!

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