Solstice Canyon Engagement Session: Natalie + Max


Solstice Canyon is such a stunning place - I can’t believe this was actually my first time shooting there! We had to postpone our first scheduled Solstice Canyon engagement session because of the rain, but I am so thrilled that we did, because it truly is always the prettiest after it rains. This was my first time meeting Natalie and Max in person and the moment we met, it instantly felt like we were old friends - they both have this warm, welcoming spirit about them, which is quite infectious. There were so many beautiful places to shoot at Solstice Canyon, it was hard to choose where to start off, but we wound up at this awesome bench with lush green trees behind it. As we walked up the trail to the top of the hill, we stopped at this incredible oak tree, as Max kept telling Natalie he wanted big awesome trees in the photos. Well Max, that oak tree was for you! Continuing to head up the hill, we started to literally chased the light as it dipped behind the mountain, but we managed to catch it at the perfect time. Speaking of perfect timing, as we were wrapping up, I told Natalie and Max that I found an awesome turnout over looking PCH on my way in and that I thought we should finish the Solstice Canyon engagement session there. Of course, being the awesome people they are, they were game, and we hiked back down the mountain, got in our cars and headed towards the turnout for our last few shotst! Once again, we just barely caught the light dipping down PCH. The “golden hour” is my favorite time of day to shoot...although, I don't understand why it's called the golden HOUR, it should be called the golden 5 seconds, because it comes and goes extremely quickly.

A beautiful afternoon with a beautiful couple, I can tell Natalie and Max’s wedding day will be incredibly special and I can’t wait!

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