Spanish Hills Country Club Wedding - Camarillo, CA: Erica + Erik


Erica and Erik’s wedding reception at the Spanish Hills Country Club in Camarillo, Ca. a few weeks ago was one to remember! Erica made the most stunning bride in her stand-out sparkly dress, and Erik looked as dapper as could be, complete with socks the same color as his favorite football team, The Chargers. A family affair, Erica and Erik’s beautiful baby Taylor was the star of the show, with her red hair and piercing blue eyes - she definitely loved the camera, too! Taylor wasn’t alone in her white tutu either, as she was joined by a number of her cousins to form the cutest ever group of flower girls. Erica and Erik were beaming with joy the entire night, and I don’t blame them; it was a loving and fun filled celebration for all and I am honored to have been a part of it. Congratulations again, Erica and Erik!

Until the next Spanish Hills Country Club Wedding!

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Thank you to the creative team listed below!!

Location: Spanish Hills Country Club

Catering: Spanish Hills Country Club

Florist: Unique Floral Design

DJ/Lighting: Scott Topper

Bakery: Skiff's Cakes

Makeup Artist: Erin Prater 

Photographer: Lucas Rossi Photography