Spanish Hills Country Club Wedding : Misty + John

Getting to photograph Misty and John’s wedding a few weeks ago was extra extra special! There are high school sweethearts, and then there are kindergarten sweethearts… yep, you read that right…kindergarten sweethearts! Misty and John first met in elementary school, where John first proposed to Misty in kindergarten class after show & tell one day. The craziest part is, when they were kids, Misty spoke mostly Spanish and John only spoke English - though they couldn’t communicate well, their bond was strong. Drifting apart after elementary, however, when their families both moved, luckily, as fate would have it, Misty and John reconnected via Facebook in 2011. First communicating by phone, then by Skype, they decided to reunite in California and immediately knew something was there, but took things slow. A long distance relationship, John, who was living in Arizona, would visit Misty in California almost every week for six months and Misty would visit John at least once a month. Knowing that their love was the real deal, it didn’t take long for John to make the move back to California to move in with Misty, and good thing he did, as they’ve been together ever since!


Proposing (AGAIN…for real, this time) in August 2015, Misty and John had a little courthouse wedding at the Santa Barbara Mural room last year, but wanted to have a big wedding at the Spanish Hills Country Club with their friends and family to make it official. Celebrating with their loved ones by their side, including Misty’s two young boys, their wedding was magic from beginning to end! A total fairytale, I feel blessed to have been a part of it all. Congratulations, Misty and John!

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Thank you to the creative team listed below that made this wedding possible!
Furniture Rentals: Party Pleasers
Bakery: Frost it Cakery Transportation: Performance Limo LA