Venice Canals Engagement: Caroline + Matt


This was the fist time I've actually been to the Venice Canals, which was so surprising to me, considering my brother lives in the Marina. Caroline and Matt's engagement session was scheduled for Manhattan Beach, but due to unpredictable winds and rain, Caroline picked the Venice Canals last minute on a Google search!  Man, am I glad she did, because this turned out to be one of my favorites! We had about 50 minutes for this entire shoot and as you can see, it was more than enough! It started to rain 10 minutes into the session while it was still sunny, causing a rainbow to form over Caroline and Matt! (I think that's a sign of good luck!) We strolled over to Venice Beach for some last minute shots and we arrived at the perfect time, right as the sun dipped, which makes the prettiest light there is. The combination of an amazing couple with infectious smiles and the beautiful surroundings led to the perfect engagement session. Caroline and Matt's chemistry together is something that truly shines through these photos. I'm so excited for their wedding in September, I know it's gong to be a special one!

Venice Canals Engagement Session Venice-Canals-Engagement-Lucas-Rossi-18 Venice Canals Engagement Session Venice Canals Engagement Session Venice Canals Engagement Session Venice Canals Engagement Session Venice-Canals-Engagement-Lucas-Rossi-54 Venice-Canals-Engagement-Lucas-Rossi-65 Venice-Canals-Engagement-Lucas-Rossi-70 Venice-Canals-Engagement-Lucas-Rossi-74 Venice-Canals-Engagement-Lucas-Rossi-78