Walnut Grove Wedding : Christina + Adam

Walnut Grove weddings are some of my absolute favorite! I always have the most amazing couples that get married here - a perfect example are Christina & Adam! :) Their story is a special one - they're high school sweethearts who fell in love abroad. Even though Christina and Adam attended the same school, both played on the school’s soccer team and had several of the same classes together, they never said one word to each other until their senior trip to Italy and Greece! Even then, it took days for their paths to cross, but finally, one night at dinner, Adam struck up a conversation with Christina and sealed the deal! Continuing their trip side by side wandering around the historic streets Italy and Greece together for the next few weeks (not a bad first few dates, eh!), Adam and Christina were starting to fall for each other. When they returned home from their senior trip, their love story continued, as they both went to Moorpark College and then transferred to schools in the Bay Area - Adam at UC Berkeley, Christina at Cal State East Bay. Adam moved to Wisconsin to continue his studies in philosophy while Christina completed her teaching credential in California, but she later joined Adam to serve as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Milwaukee. Finally, they moved east to NYC, where Adam continues his long march towards a graduate degree in philosophy and Christina teaches history at a public high school in Chelsea. In the summer of 2015, Adam decided to make things official and ask Christina to be his forever!


And that just about brings us to present day — two weeks after Christina and Adam’s sweet summer wedding. I love looking back at these photos and the memories created. I'm so excited to see the next chapter in Christina and Adam's life! Congratulations, you two!

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Thank you to the creative team listed below for all your hard work and talent!
Coordinator: Cynthia Wennberg 
Floral: Doug Leman
MUH:Monique Campbell
DJ: Mike Lavallee
Bakery: Skiffs Cakes