Walnut Grove Wedding - Moorpark, CA: Hannah + Nate Borunda


I wanted to title this blog post “Rain or Shine,” because that is exactly how I would describe Hannah and Nate’s gorgeous rainy day July wedding at Walnut Grove last Saturday. Waking up the morning of the wedding and looking outside at the gloomy sky, I shot Hannah and Nate a quick message to remind them that rain on a wedding day is supposed to be good luck, as it symbolizes fertility, cleansing, unity and renewal. I knew we had quite the day ahead of us! Once we got to the venue, thunder could be heard in the distance, and after we shot the first glance, we could hear it getting closer and closer, louder and louder! With the weather on our side in the beginning, we managed to shoot all of the romantic and bridal party photos just before it started to pour. Good timing? I think so! From start to finish, Hannah and Nate had the most incredibly positive, go-with-the-flow attitudes - as did their bridal party! Everyone kept saying that if it continued to rain for the rest of the evening, they would make a slip-n-slide on the grass! Now, if that’s not an optimistic outlook, I don’t know what is! This wedding was a true celebration from beginning to end, rain or shine, the party never stopped. As my first rainy day wedding - this was one for the books! Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-26Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-52 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-93 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-97

Walnut Grove has the cutest Bridal Suite!

Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-122 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-8

Nate and his groomsmen got ready at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village.

Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-34 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-46 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-80 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-130 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-132Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-154

Walnut Grove's  trees are whimsical - it’s like something out of a fairy tale!

Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-159 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-173 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-181 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-202 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-247

It started to pour just minutes after we finished these bridal party photos at Walnut Grove!

Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-267 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-437

These flowers definitely weren’t complaining about the rain!

Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-182Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-189 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-347 Borunda-Wedding-Walnut-Grove-415

This photo pretty much sums up Hannah and Nate’s carefree spirit - it truly was amazing to see them dance in the rain!


Thank you to the following team for making this wedding possible!

Venue: Walnut Grove Wedding

Event Production and Design: Cynthia Wennberg

Catering: Command Performance Catering Group

Floral and Decor: Doug Lemen | PDL Design Group

Hair and Makeup:  Morgan king &  Melissa Mcnamara

Videography: Sameer Hijaz

Entertainment: James Reed

Photography: Lucas Rossi