Laura Clark

"You will not go wrong booking Lucas for your wedding. He is the most professional yet fun photographer ever. I personally HATE taking photos of myself. My husband and I never take photos of ourselves, we never stop to take the time and we both feel awkward. From day 1 taking the engagement photos Lucas made me feel 100% comfortable, making us laugh and actually enjoy the process. Not only that but he is FAST. He isn't making you stay in the pose forever, or taking you away from your wedding festivities for hours to get his shot. He sees his vision and executes, but also makes sure the bride and groom are enjoying their day to the fullest. Plus, the pictures he took are absolutely nothing short of breathtaking. I have been staring at them from the minute he sent them, which was during our first week of our honeymoon two weeks after the wedding. Talk about fast turnaround!! Just do yourself a favor and book him!!"