Kaitlin Rodriguez

"From the moment I first spoke on the phone with Lucas, I knew he was the person we wanted to hire as our wedding photographer. Our conversation was so natural and authentic. I felt like he really cared about our wedding...not just "getting a wedding" as business. I even ended the phone call and called my fiance saying..."I think I just fell in love with a photographer...is that a thing?" My fiance laughed...but I had indeed. At our engagement shoot, Lucas made everything feel very comfortable and normal, even though there is nothing comfortable or normal about having your photos taken when you are just run of the mill average people. And also, are depending on these pictures to be THE THING you send to every person you are inviting to the wedding!! He made us laugh, we hopped all over Venice taking pictures and chatting, and the pictures came out amazing! My fiance and I are both very Type-A people who need things done a certain way, and as anyone can imagine as the wedding day neared close, the relinquishing of control to other people felt pretty out of the ordinary. However, Lucas was nothing short of incredible the entire day! He was the right balance of casual and "get in your places people" that we needed for our day. He made us smile - when we were near tears or nervous or overwhelmed - and had a super fast turn around time with our pictures. And our pictures were everything I could have imagined and more! My - now - husband and I could not be more pleased with our choice in photographer, who we can now like to call our friend. You are making the absolute best decision going with Lucas and his team!"